Wolf Sanctuary

Here you will find ways you can make an impact on the world, including non-profits and charity causes to donate your time, energy, and/or money to.



Right now, the wolves at the Medicine Wheel Lodge Wolf Sanctuary in Rimrock, AZ  could greatly benefit from your generosity.


  1. Visit and play with the wolves at the Sanctuary (admission is by donation)
  2. Check them out online and make your tax-deductible donation through the website:  Medicine Wheel Lodge/Wolf Sanctuary

These four wolves require quite a bit to be taken care of and anything you can give will help them continue their mission to help people heal.

Healingwolf and her husband help so many people through the many services they offer at the Medicine Wheel Lodge, and the wolves – being healers themselves – are a big part in helping the world heal.

The land they live on is considered sacred with a medicine wheel that’s been there for over 100 years; the house was even once owned by the famous Wyatt Earp’s brother Morgan and Geronimo was known to lodge there! It’s a great opportunity to experience for yourself if you’re ever in the Verde Valley!

Thank you –  namaste!

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