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I’ve talked about staying open to receiving the change you ask for in your life in the best way possible instead of focusing on how you think it will come, and then allow your life to change. But, you really have to allow the change to happen. Sometimes we hold onto old fears, doubts, etc. that build a wall between what we want and how we get it. And that’s fine – that’s human. We have all of those conditioned into us and our ego loves that shit.
Use a method of letting go that works for you. After you tell the Universe you’re done with it all, affirm it to yourself until it’s true. Tell yourself you really are done with everything you don’t need in life.
This is how you allow your life to change into anything you want. You’re the master and creator of everything in your life, whether you realize it or not. You have to be the one to say “I’m changing my life” instead of “Why isn’t my life changing?” Change your life by dropping what’s not serving your highest good anymore. Make room for what’s needed for the life you want. Allow it to come in the best way that the Universe can send it to you and allow yourself to truly let go and receive it.

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