Don’t Hold Back



It’s like wearing a winter coat on a summer day in case it snows; it’s like bringing a scuba diving tank to swim in a pool in case you run out of oxygen; it’s like overwatering your plants every day in case it doesn’t rain the next day. Your worst-case-scenario – how many times has it actually happened? How many times have you held yourself back “just in case”? When you prevent yourself from doing something you really want to do, just because you have a fear of any outcome, is the worst thing you can do for yourself. You restrain yourself from happiness, love, real pure joy and keep yourself limited from becoming a more empowered and positive you.
It’s never going to benefit you. Even if you fall, you still tried something new, something that could become a big part of who you are. Every attempt is worth a thousand times you didn’t try.
Think of everything in life that you have questions about. Would you do what is logically or emotionally “right” if tomorrow the world became what you wish it could be? A lot of times people don’t live according to their divine truths because they have some kind of fear that it “just wouldn’t work.” If the world became truly free and you could live 100% to your heart’s desire and be compensated for it, what would you do? Whatever it is, go do it! Feel and act as if you are as free as you wish to be.

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