Follow Your Heart



Following our hearts: it’s the most simple act yet it can be so complicated to do. We question ourselves whether what we feel is right when we should be honoring how we feel. We question if it is the smartest thing to do without realizing our hearts know what we want and it’s our mind who creates that doubt. We question the possible outcomes of our actions as if we can somehow prepare ourselves for worst-case-scenario when our hearts know our truths.

Following our hearts is primal and yet we question if we can survive in doing so. When did mankind stray away from the heart? Too many of us do not act upon the wishes in our hearts because of worries, doubts, and fears. Every day is an opportunity to change this – and when we change which functionality we choose to live from, we change our lives. When we become what we want most in the world, we have our own backs. And when we have our own backs, the Universe has our backs in ways we can’t imagine.

Today, follow your heart. Do everything it says – for that is your authenticity, your truth, your purpose in this life. Learn to trust your heart, for it only mirrors your hopes and dreams – and why not follow your hopes and dreams?

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