Know Your Power

world changes.PNG


You giving in to being angry when they tell you to be angry and hating people when they tell you to hate people does nothing to change the world. Standing your ground, sending hope for change and loving those they tell you to hate, living by your own truths inside of you instead of what you see on television and in the news, being the change you want to see in the world – all of that takes guts and heart. How much heart do you have? How much confidence in your passions do you have to believe you can make a positive difference in this world? When are you going to be the next one who takes off their shackles and exchanges them for their own empowerment?
Let that time be now. Let the world you know change today and may it change into what you’ve always dreamed of. Do not be a prisoner of life – be the master of it. You see, you can’t just grumble about and accept what is happening in the shadows of the world any longer. You have to use your energy to make it change, not amplify what’s wrong with it. You have to look inside of yourself and shine light on your own darkness – heal the world from the inside out. That’s how you “be the change”. That’s how you change the world. So, dear ones, when will you change the world?
When will you lift yourselves up from the graves you dug out of fear and resentment? When will you put down your weapons and see the True ways of creating change? When will you stop saying “I can’t believe what negativity this world is coming to!” and begin saying “I am changing what I cannot accept!”? When will you break down the walls they helped you build inside of yourself and let light and truth shine? Will it be today? Tomorrow? The world changes when you decide.

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