Times of Change

courage leaf.PNG

Damn is this quote true. Two very close people to me and I went through the darkness of transformation a little while ago. It’s dark because you can’t physically see much changing, but you sure as hell see changes on the inside. The world is being faced with transformations inside and out, but for the people it’s all about the inner work right now. For those of you in any stage of metamorphosis, please know this: stay positive no matter how dark it gets; you are strong for changing and you will only become stronger; this will pass and you will come out as the person you need to be to do what you need to do; and we are all changing our inner selves as a collective-you are not alone. What we change inside of ourselves, we change in the world. You, my dear, are changing the world just by climbing your way out of this. Celebrate every step of the way, and be sure to be humbly proud of yourself when you come out of this. We are all sending you love and light for these crucial times.

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