You Can Change the World

changing the world.PNG


I know so many people that do the best they can in every situation and experience, yet they usually feel “eh.” We take every opportunity to make someone smile, see the good in the world, help them however we can in that moment. And sometimes at the end of the day, we still feel like we didn’t really majorly change anything on the scale we wish we could. I don’t know about you, but there are times when I wish I could ask someone I helped, “But did it really change your life? Have I impacted you so much that you will spread the kindness and light?” The answer doesn’t matter, nor does the question. What matters is just that we keep doing what we can even if we are blind to any ripple effects it may cause – because there are ripples. Everything is energy and if we change the energy of someone, even for a split second, we’ve still created change, even if we don’t see it. But our blindness … maybe that’s our drive and our motivation to keep doing our best every day. Maybe not seeing just how brightly we shine is a blessing in disguise. That ignorance of our impacts is what keeps us striving for bigger and better changes to make. There’s no greater blessing than that.

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