Dream On



Energies are a little crazy for everyone, and sometimes it can get crazy enough to break a little.
There will be times where you’re led to pausing your life and assessing the situation; you will stop and look around at your life and might even question, “Why?” despite the amount of faith and belief in your heart. If you ever end up feeling like you’re the only one around you that believes in yourself, believes in others, believes in the potential of changing the world, etc., remember you are part of the light in dark times. These are the times to shine a little more light in your darkness while learning to embrace the fact that no matter where you are dimensionally or intelligently, sometimes you’re still human.
But it’s what we came here for, all of it inspires us: the good, the bad, the happy, the sad – it’s all part of this place we call Earth. Embracing the experience and allowing it to motivate you to keep dreaming and making those dreams come true is the best thing you can do when life doesn’t seem so bright. Those dreams are born in the dark and you make them a reality with your light.

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