Have a Little Faith in Yourself



I love finding genuine people to follow on Instagram (although I admit, I should probably spend a bit more time finding more people). Whether they’re adventurers, artists, local businesses, athletes, crystal lovers, writers, celebrities – whoever they may be, if they’re living their own Truth and passions I follow them when I find them. Thanks to the History Channel and their wonderfully composed “Vikings”, I stumbled upon @alexhoeghandersen and ended up reading an interview of his.
His words ring true for every situation in life. How often do you doubt yourself and everything you’re capable of even though you’re the perfect one for the job? It’s human, no doubt. But from now on, learn to trust yourself more. I tell clients every single day that trusting in yourself is the most empowering and freeing act you can ever perform. So try it today.
Believe in yourself, trust in all you can do in your own unique way, relax in your own faith, and work from your heart to grow to your best heights yet.
When you live authentically, you inspire others to do the same. This is just one way we can change the world and more people are doing it everyday. Join the movement. Be the change

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