Omnia Mea Mecum Porto



“I carry with me all my things.” Maybe we think we need much more than we really do. Everything we truly need (besides food, water, and shelter) must come from inside of us and when we access and utilize it, the Universe supports us and sends us what we need to continue on.
The wisdom we acquire, the truth in our hearts, the perseverance to never stop until we are where we want to be, etc. … besides the essentials to maintain a physical life, what do we truly have or need that we already don’t?
Instead of focusing on what you don’t have externally, shift your attention to appreciate what you have inside, for that is your truth.
#omniameamecumporto #survival#rootchakra #yougotit #ownyourtruth#wordsofwisdom #growtothetop#thedirtylotus

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