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In this “7 Days to Life” Series, we will be adding little practices into our every day lives that will help us grow to our best heights yet. By incorporating an action into each day of our week, we will become more aware of the true presence of each week’s theme in our lives.

This Series is here to help teach us how we can change our lives by focusing on doing just one thing a day. Don’t worry about carrying one day’s activity to the next. Eventually, we will naturally begin to add these practices into the rest of our lives (the “Life” part in “7 Days to Life”). The goal here is to concentrate on the phrase “Just for today…” Staying in the mindset that we only have to focus on the present day will help us learn that the only day we truly have to change our lives is today.

This week we have seven activities to help us be more charitable, in turn becoming helping hands in making the world a better place. 

We’ll notice that the activities this week are mostly focused on donating our time or energy to someone, which shows that it doesn’t just take money to be giving.  We’ll also realize that we are benefited at the same time as we give.  This is a flow of giving and receiving, and it’s the natural order of the Universe.  When we are in a constant state of flow, our lives change in the most beautiful synchronicity.

Day 1:  Just for today, perform a random act of kindness and try to let it go unnoticed.  This is a donation of energy.  The moment we do good for the sake of goodness, we act from a place of full integrity.  For that split second, we’re the powerful energy of the best parts of ourselves.  It’s such a good feeling that it’s almost easy to guess that you’ll want to do this more often after giving it a go!

Day 2:  Just for today, be fully present when talking with someone – try not to judge or listen just to respond.  This is a donation of time.  Today is our opportunity to truly be there for someone in our most authentic and present forms.  Let’s not think about what we have to do later in the day, what we could say back, and refrain from adding our two cents unless asked otherwise.  Today we give part of our time to a part of the world and in return, we get a glimpse into pure awareness.

Day 3:  Just for today, be patient with everyone you meet.  Let them be who they are without effecting you.  This is a donation of energy and time. We all have things to do and places to be, and let’s face it:  the three people ahead of you in line with carts full of groceries don’t actually have the power to upset you – only you have that power! Being patient means we must chill out and go with the flow sometimes.  When we’re patient with the people we encounter throughout our day, we send them respect and we’re relieving ourselves of stress – yay!

Day 4:  Just for today, forgive someone/let something you’ve been holding onto go – drop the baggage.  This is a donation of energy (maybe more like a return of energy).  When we have grudges, we are actually connecting energetic cords to the person/experience/situation.  We connect, and then we send energy to it – even subconsciously.  It’s why we get a weird physical reaction such as a heart flutter when we even think of the grudge we have.  This act of forgiving cuts the cord and returns our energy to us, while simultaneously freeing the object of the grudge.  It releases any blockages that were created and we’re able to heal.  So, go ahead, forgive and free today.

Day 5:  Just for today, compliment as many people as you can.  This is a donation of energy, and what positive energy it is!  It doesn’t have to be outside of our comfort zones.  We walk past people almost every day and we all know what a compliment does to our confidence and energy.  If you like someone’s bracelet, tell them – if you saw them do a good deed, tell them you appreciate people like them.  Look for opportunities to compliment people.  It’s a donation of positivity and we receive the heartwarming feeling of making someone (or multiple people!) smile today.

Day 6:  Just for today, donate a comfortable amount of money to a local charity or non-profit you admire.  This is a donation of money, which is actually energy in itself.  For everything, there must be an exchange and our exchange here is our money to be used as energy in creating a better world.  What a beautiful exchange.  We may not have the chance today to feed animals at local shelters or build homes or the less fortunate, but with our donation we can still make a difference, whatever size it may be.

Day 7:  Just for today, share a special and positive moment with someone.  This is a donation of time and energy.  Our energy and time are valuable and when we sincerely give something valued like that, we are sending out positive energy into the Universe. Read a book with your child tonight at bedtime, call up a special person in your life to catch up and let them know how much you appreciate them, be the person who holds the door open for the elderly cane-user – whatever you choose to do, put your whole heart into making it genuinely good.  Odds are we are going to make someone’s day while at the same time, adding a great memory to our life’s movie.

“While we do our good works let us not forget that the real solution lies in a world in which charity will have become unnecessary.”  ― Chinua Achebe

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