Depths of Life



Remember a time when you thought your emotions could really do some damage to you. Whether it was a time that your heart broke and you thought you’d never recover, or a moment where you made yourself feel awful for the way you look, or were so mad or upset about something that you took a physical action against it. We all have at least one memory of our emotions getting the best of us because while we can grow to great heights, we still have human moments.
Some people feel things deeper than others, but almost all of us could still go deeper. We can see through the emotion and find the root issue or cause, thus healing ourselves from the inside out.
Let’s face it: when emotions run deep, we can get lost. It’s our job to separate ourselves, turn on the light, and see what’s really happening. Why wait for the life to light the way when you are a light?
#lightinthedark #lightupyourlife #explore #godeepwithin #emotions #healyourself #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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