Find Your Escape



There will be times when you try to find ways of healing your feelings, thoughts, situations, etc. and no matter where you look you might not see a way. Do not take that moment for granted – welcome and appreciate it, for this is your sign to get away from it all. I use the term “escape” loosely because one can never truly become free without creating the freedom. But, sometimes it just so happens that separating yourself is what allows you to break free.
If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, get away from it for a little bit. You’ll give yourself a break and it’ll refresh you to come back stronger. Don’t beat yourself into healing, because then you’re just doing more damage. Be gentle with yourself; be your master of your own life and run free until you can become free.
Find the space where you can be truly wild and careless – natural. The Universe helps us if we allow it and we need to remember that if we are always working on ourselves, always working on making the world better, always trying to figure out how to live our happiness and truth – then we are doing much better than we might realize.
#soulgrowth #givemeabreak #pathtoenlightenment #runfree #escapelife #wherethewildthingsare #findyourspace #holdspace #healyourself #healyourlife #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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