Making Dreams Come True

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So many of us know we want our lives to change, but some of us hit roadblocks on the way there.  If you’ve been asking the Universe for what you want in life and it hasn’t come yet, that means there is resistance to what you want.  Deep down, there is a part of you that isn’t allowing it to come.  Sometimes it’s a fear or doubt or worry, but sometimes it’s not knowing and allowing your heart’s biggest dreams.

We can create anything we want in life if we ask and wholeheartedly allow it to come.  One way of truly allowing it to come is a process I’ve learned through Divine guidance.  Here it is:

Be gentle with yourself.  Treat yourself with love in everything you speak, do, feel, etc. and give yourself the same great love that you give to those around you. Know that you deserve this deep compassion and release any feelings no longer serving the best of you.  This step will release anything holding you back from what you really want and increase your awareness of your life.

Next, imagine your wildest dreams.  If you were the Creator of everything in your life, what would your life be like?  If you could create your dream life and be fully supported by the Universe in protection, abundance, and prosperity, what would you create?  Now, realize that you are the true co-creator of your life in every reality possible.  Keep reminding yourself of your power:  do things outside of your comfort zone and watch yourself succeed; give yourself permission to live the way you desire; ask for change and see it happen.  Remember the support you have behind your every step of the way.  Be the example of how the world should live and show them how “lucky” it is to have the power of your life.

After realizing your power and potential, see yourself as the rest of the Universe sees you:  a light in darkness, a helping hand in trying times, a source of love in a world shedding its hate.  See yourself through only eyes of love and don’t forget to honor and respect yourself. Give yourself a great amount of self-respect and find the courage to live according to your own truths (it can be harder than you think).  Keep your vibes good and high.  When you treat yourself with this level of respect, good things will always find you (like attracts like).  It’s also a bonus that you continue to see yourself and everything in your life from a higher perspective.

Lastly, decide to be happy now.  If things haven’t changed yet (or even if they have), opening your heart to the happiness, joy, and bliss in every present moment allows you to be willing to see the goodness in your life.  When you see the good in your life, you’ll keep finding and attracting more good.  You could choose to worry your life away or you could decide to throw out doubts and fears and find a way to enjoy life in an entirely new way.  Your life changes when you decide that the only thing you allow in life is goodness and joy; you can make that decision today, right now.

You may think that this process wouldn’t work or that it’s completely ironic in its complex simplicity, but it’s actually one formula for a dreamy life.  Becoming aware of what’s in your life, knowing you have unlimited sources and power, giving yourself the respect that’s due, staying true to your truths, and deciding that today is the day you drop lower vibes of fear and welcome only higher vibes of joy all lead to changing your life in multiple ways.  Imagine a stress free life with only good things…now create it!

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