Moving Mountains



There are quite a few people that are watching their lives completely transform in front of them right now. It feels like unknown territory and sometimes it’s a little sketchy. If this includes you, don’t ever forget that you’ve been climbing mountains your whole life.

Having trust in life can be a feat in itself, but it’s also the most empowering tool that helps you move mountains instead of just tackling them (although there are mountains we challenge ourselves with for many reasons). Make your next checkpoint on the mountain trusting in yourself and in All That Is more than you ever have before. Really dig deep and find that faith.

When you’ve gained more authentic trust, everything will begin to appear clearer. Not only will you see life better, but you’ll have the ability to change your life with ease. It sounds so simple that it’s complex. But think back on your life: when has complete faith worked out for you?
More times than not, the best times of our lives are when we know that life is ours for the taking. It’s in those moments we congratulate and believe in ourselves. We see it at graduations, weddings, retirement parties – pretty much any time we have the opportunity to see just how far the choices we’ve made from our hearts has taken us…and we actually feel pretty damn proud of ourselves. That kick-ass, conquer-anything, being-the-best-you’ve-ever-been feeling is exactly the energy that creates chances for you to see yourself from a higher perspective, which always makes big ripple effects in your life.
Stay strong and keep your faith high – you’ve been waiting your whole life for this moment. Congratulate yourself for making it this far and remind yourself you’re a creator in your life. Create more opportunities to have higher vibes and watch your mountains move.

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