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So many of us know we want our lives to change, but some of us don’t know what we want or we hit roadblocks on the way there.  If you’ve been asking the Universe for change and it hasn’t come yet, that means there is resistance to what you want.  Deep down, there is a part of you that isn’t allowing it to come.  Sometimes it’s a fear or doubt or worry, and sometimes it’s not knowing and allowing your heart’s biggest dreams.  We get caught up in the drama of life and can forget we are not necessarily cast members in the play, but writers, producers and directors.

This week we have seven activities to help us realize our dreams, in turn applying our energy, attention and intention to having the life we truly desire.  One way of realizing your dreams is a process I’ve learned through divine guidance.  Here it is:

Day 1:  Be gentle with yourself.  Treat yourself with love in everything you speak, do, feel, etc. and give yourself the same great love that you give to those around you. Know that you deserve this deep compassion and release any feelings no longer serving the best of you. If you don’t know your dreams, tell yourself it’s okay – it’s a process and you’re taking steps towards it all.  This step will release and begin to heal any negativity holding you back from realizing what you really want.  It will also increase your awareness of your life, showing you what negative patterns you might have and the amount of love and compassion in your life.

Day 2:  Next, imagine your wildest dreams.  If you were the Creator of everything in your life, what would your life be like?  If you could have anything at all in life and be fully supported by the Universe in protection, abundance, and prosperity, what would you create?  Pretend that you have a blank canvas in front of you and you have access to any color of paint and an endless amount of brushes available to you now.  (Side-note:  Do you see the relevance of art and creation?  Express your creating side; there’s an art to everything.) You are going to begin painting your dream life, so meditate today on what you would want to create on your canvas.  The simple act of envisioning is probably the most crucial step in creating your dream life, so seeing your dreams in your mind as often as you can today will get you right on track.

Day 3: Now, realize that you are the true co-creator of your life in every reality possible. So,  you’ve already started releasing anything that holds you back from Day 1, and you practiced yesterday how it felt to imagine something without limits.  Today you will begin to remember your power and real-life creative abilities.  Take some time out of your day to get comfy and connect with the Universe.  Call in your support team (we’ll learn about them tomorrow) and ask for protection and guidance.  Imagine a beam of golden white light coming down from the divine to the top of your head, going down your body through your feet into the ground and below.  You are now connected, so begin energetically speaking by envisioning what you imagined painting on your blank canvas yesterday. Continue envisioning until you feel done, then thank everyone and go about your day. Have confidence in yourself:  I understand it seems too simple, but if you can envision it, you can make it happen.

Day 4: Remember the support you have behind you every step of the way.  Every last one of us has an entire team of supportive angels and guides that have helped us since before birth.  They helped us design our lives and the challenges we’d overcome and the glories we would experience.  Today, try to connect with them.  Begin by going internally – ask for a sign of their presence, how they are helping you, what you need to know, etc. and ask that it may be an energetic sign.  This means it could be a vision, a feeling of joy, an inspired thought, etc. (the point here is to pay more attention inwardly than externally, which is where begin manifesting). Keep practicing connecting with them for it will change your daily life; they’ll help you to see and create your dreams.

Day 5:  After realizing your power, protection, and potential, see yourself as the rest of the Universe sees you:  a light in darkness, a helping hand in trying times, a source of love in a world shedding its hate.  See yourself through only eyes of love and don’t forget to honor and respect yourself. Give yourself a great amount of self-respect and find the courage to live according to your own truths; this will keep your vibes good and high.  When you treat yourself with this level of respect, good things will always find you (like attracts like).  It’s also a bonus that you continue to see yourself and everything in your life from a higher perspective.  That higher perspective is the one necessary to realize the different aspects of your life (the “bigger picture”) and can inspire you to realize dreams that you never let yourself desire before.

Day 6: Decide to be happy now.  If things haven’t changed yet (or even if they have!), opening your heart to the happiness, joy, and bliss in every present moment allows you to be willing to see the goodness in your life.  When you see the good in your life, you’ll keep finding and attracting more good which will continue to inspire your aspirations and dreams.  Your life changes when you decide that the only thing you allow in life is goodness and joy; you can make that decision today, right now.  Your life changes because you take control and you tell the Universe “Only good can come to me now!” and the Universe responds accordingly.  Happiness continuously lifts the bar of life. Realize your potential and guidance and watch your previously unattainable dreams become attainable;  decide to be happy now and watch the dreams you didn’t see before come into your imagination.

Day 7:  Allow yourself to believe that this is all true and real.  You just had a week of so many higher vibrations that you might not be used to – you’re capable of coming down from that high and second-guessing what just happened.  You may think that this process wouldn’t work because of its ironic complex simplicity or you may think that it’s just “too good to be true,” but it’s actually a formula for a dreamy life.  Becoming aware of what’s in your life, knowing you have unlimited sources and power, giving yourself the respect that’s due, staying true to your truths, knowing you are divinely supported (who else would you want behind you?), and deciding that today is the day all lead to changing your life in so many ways.  Stay in the high vibe state of mind. Admit to yourself that you didn’t see your power before and from here on out, remind yourself you have a life with limitless potential.


“To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to.” ― Kahlil Gibran

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