Eagle Eye Barrels

Wine Bottle Holder.jpg


It’s a beautiful day on the Ranch in Arizona today!  Here’s the latest creation – and probably the last picture I’ll post (maybe) since our website and Etsy are up.  Check out eagleeyebarrels.com or find Eagle Eye Barrels on Etsy here!


Working with my husband lately has been nothing short of interesting.  We’re both getting our operations off the ground and while it would be logical to admit we usually bite off more than we can chew, it makes more sense to express the fact that we continue to persevere regardless of what we encounter.  It’s ingrained in us to do I think.  Sometimes I wonder “I worked in the spiritual mecca of this country and left that to pursue an individual path…Was that smart?” On his end, this is the fourth business he’s been fully involved in the startup and take off – and by the way, the ceaseless and everlasting passion he puts into everything is so inspiring. We have dreams; we’ve always gone after every goal we’ve created and doing it together for the last five years has been life-changing in every way.  As for dreams right now, for me it’s all about the spiritual journey and to help guide others along theirs; for him it’s finding that freedom that comes with spending your time working hard for no one but yourself.

Long story short, we are doing the opposite of what is “safe,” “stable,” or “logical.”  But, sometimes when you’re shaking life up, you find the golden moments – and boy do they shine beautifully.  That moment someone shares with how much I’ve helped them, that moment when he can stand back and say “Well, damn – I built that!” That moment when we come together at the end of the day, separate ourselves from the movie of life, and amaze ourselves with what we’re doing.  These, and so many more, are so uniquely awe-some.

Each person I am grateful to guide and every piece that he makes just gets us closer to the bigger picture of everything we’ll accomplish in this lifetime.  What else is life good for than to see just how far you can go?

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