Be an Example

These are times for change and times for change call for inspiration to change. 

Be the change that you want to see in the world. Show people what it would be like if they took the leap towards their dreams, tell people what it is like to face challenges and come out on the other side victorious, inspire people to be the change. 

The multitudes consist of those who look to others to see how they should live. What works, what doesn’t work, what’s successful, what’s failed. But, the examples are changing. Everything right now is a first for modern society. 

If you make your life choices based on examples, you’ll need to really open your eyes and take a new look around. You’ve been so used to seeing the same things that you didn’t have to look so carefully or often. It’s time to see the new examples. See the people who live from their hearts of value, those that take illogical risks because they just know that it’ll work out, the ones who stopped looking around and became what they wanted in life – the real and honorable examples of our time. 

Find the example you need in the world. Get inspired by them. And when you’re ready, spread your wings and inspire others to do the same. 

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