Yes, You Can

It’s common that someone would automatically block them from what they want by subconsciously thinking “I’m not worthy of that,” “I can’t make that happen,” or something along those lines. They don’t know that they’re having that deep thought and then they ask the Universe “Why hasn’t it come yet?”
 You see people saying that you’re the reason it’s not coming and you can’t believe them because you think you’re doing all you can. 
But, deep down there is something that’s telling the Universe to not send it to you. You have to feel like you deserve what you want, not just ask for it. You have to feel as if you already have it. That joy, gratitude, humility, respect, or glory you’d feel whenever you do get it – feel it now. 

You are so worthy and capable of your heart’s desires. Put to rest any guilt, making yourself feel small, self-hatred, etc. and let yourself see just how powerful you are.
 Let go of the past – you are growing into your future. Become aware of the deepest reactions inside while you pray and rise above anything that says you can’t do or have anything.
 See your potential and know your power. 

#timetoshine #youareenough #youcandoit #letyourselfgo #youarepowerful #looktothefuture #letgo #dontlookback #youareabadass #doubttheego #beallyouare #growtothetop #thedirtylotus 

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