You are God

If God was alive on Earth as a human, what do you think He would do? Go do that! He is ever-present in YOU – you are God in human form. 

You have the ability to create your life into what you want. Don’t underestimate your power or sell yourself short. My version of God would live life to the fullest capacity possible. What’s your version?
You have such a short amount of time on Earth, even if it’s 100 years. Don’t waste a second doing something you don’t believe in. Have mercy on yourself to live from your heart’s desires. Show the world what God can do. Be the example that awakens others to do the same. 

Once you learn how great you are – live it! 

#livelifetothefullest #youareable #Godisinyou #beallyouare #knowyourpower #beanexample #youareacreator #goddess #beyourself #yogananda #bethechange #livefromtheheart #authenticity #youarethechange #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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