You’ve worked so hard and done all you can, yet your life hasn’t changed. Maybe it’s that your life is waiting for you to change instead! 

Do you follow your heart throughout every day? Do you allow yourself the necessary time to enjoy your passions? Do you happily wake up every morning excited to see what your day holds? 

If not, then it’s time for YOU to change. Let all the thoughts and ideas go that say you have to break your back to make a dollar, that you must do this or that because of this or that, etc. 

You are the divine manifested into human form – your possibilities are endless! From now on, tell yourself that you will focus on making your dreams a reality instead of expanding your energy to do more in the present. You don’t need more options today; you need more focus on your goals. The How can be up to your angels and guides, but you need to realize the What. 

Once you realize what you truly want, say a quick prayer and say “Support team, please handle this with me. I will do all I know I can do and I welcome your divine interference whenever you can help.” Say this wholeheartedly and sincerely and watch how your life changes. 

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