Almost There

You’re coming into unknown territory, but you’re more prepared than you think you are. 

For example, I remember when I first started giving readings to complete strangers. I was so nervous that I wouldn’t hear their guides well enough to relay messages, but as I said everything I received to them every client was more amazed than the last. I was so grateful for just being able to help them – and then things really took off. I was awestruck every time I was told by these lovely people, living continents away from each other, that they were guided to come to me. 

I pushed myself into having faith that I would be “good enough” and then it turned out that people could really benefit from whatever I was able to tell them. 

No matter how big the mountain gets, keep your eyes on the peak and continue to trek on. You can’t even imagine the view from where you’re standing now. You’re almost there – keep going 🏔🌄🌀 #pushyourself #shootforthestars #keepgoing #believeinyourself #youaregreat #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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