Keep Growing

“And we ask that you anchor them for yourselves as well.

To have the courage—the gall and the unheard-of audacity—to stop a negative thoughtform in its tracks and to remind it that“I Am creating something far higher than your worry, or your judgment, or sadness. You can come along, or you can keep quiet. It’s up to you.”

For this is what is needed now, dear ones!

This is why the old phrase “Jump in the saddle” is needed now.

For no one can rescue you from outer circumstances that you have yourself, on a higher level, placed there to put yourself in the position of having to realize and use your own co-Creative power.” – Caroline Oceana Ryan’s recent channeling of The Collective. 

#TheCollective #ascension #messagetolightworkers #soulgrowth #welcomechange #theworldischanging #keepgoing #yougotthis #dreamscomingtrue #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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