Love, Love, Love

Love (the highest vibrational energy) is where you find Unity. Every time you make decisions from a place of pure love, you light yourself from the inside out. You “melt” your soul and all barriers around it and can come together with the Source of all that is. It’s what The Beatles sang about, it’s what spiritualists express, it’s what the deepest parts of your soul know: Love is all you need. It can change your life, make your dreams come true, allow you to see the Light and goodness in the world instead of the negativity you are shown. Act more from love and you will attract the same. Love conquers all. #actsoflove #loveisallyouneed #love #unity #oneness #spirit #source #wordsofwisdom #comehome #goldenrule #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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