Raffle Time!

Here’s the Reiki Charged Self-Care Package I’ll be raffling off at the Sedona Psychic/Holistic Fair April 2nd 🌻

Come check out the fair and be sure to get a raffle ticket or two at The Dirty Lotus booth – a portion of the profits will go to Medicine Wheel Lodge Wolf Sanctuary 🌟
What the Self-Care Package ($50 value) contains:

White Sage – Burning white sage cleanses your sacred space and self spiritually and physically on all levels (clears positive and negative energy AND even eliminates bacteria in the air!)

Dragon’s Blood Incense & Incense Holder – Dragon’s Blood cleanses your space and self of negative energy and retains the positive energy. Perfect to keep your energy high and for daily use with it’s benefits and calming aroma 

Chakra Candle – Whether you choose to burn the candle or not, it holds the essence of the 7 main chakras which helps to balance your energy 

Authentic Navajo Dream Catcher – Keep the good dreams while filtering out and protecting you from the bad dreams. The dream catcher is cleansed and charged by the morning sun so it’s ready to work every night 

Om Bells – “Om” is the vibration of creation, giving you a powerful and divine symbol to use. These specific bells have a high vibration that clears negative energy and raises the frequency of the area with positivity. Shake in the corners of the room to give the area a cleanse and boost

Tiger Balm – Created in the 1870s by the Chinese Emperor’s herbalist, this Eastern Medicine balm is a “cure-all.” Great to keep on you, especially for any aches and pains!

Crystals – 8 included for you to use to balance your energies by placing them on your chakras for at least 10 minutes. Use the leather pouch included to store them and the sage to regularly cleanse (all crystals come cleansed and charged with Reiki):

• selenite (higher crown)

• clear quartz (crown)

• amethyst (third eye) 

• sodalite (throat)

• green aventurine (heart)

• golden tiger’s eye (solar plexus)

• goldstone (sacral)

• snowflake obsidian (root)

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