Rise and Shine

It’s not just a question for you to read for a couple of seconds and then scroll on. Give yourself a minute to think about it. Ask yourself quietly, journal it, comment below, etc.: Am I the change I feel the world needs? 

Taking one minute to ponder can actually end up changing your entire life. Maybe you come to the conclusion that you’ve been that change for a while now, maybe your answer is that you want to start, and maybe it’s that you didn’t think about it before. 

Four weeks ago I chose to leave out meat, eggs, and fish from my diet. I knew it’d make my body feel so much better (so much more energy, positive vibes, no weird body pains, etc.), but what really got me was the perspective from the animal. It got to the point where I couldn’t not picture them and the process it took to get the meat onto my plate. And that was the worst part: seeing this animal just chilling on my plate like it owes me something. 

Then a rad friend of mine lends me this book shown in the image. Within the first 45 pages of “My Quest to Conquer What Matters” by Jesse J. Jacoby, I fully realized the impact that factory farms have on our world. My decision is pretty amplified knowing that one single person seriously can make a difference if they choose to refrain from animal products. 

I won’t lecture you, but…

It’s really not that hard or expensive to eat healthier foods. It’s just different. And sometimes “different” doesn’t mean “bad.” If you’re being all you can to do your part in changing the world, you know it’s a life completely different than not doing your work. It’s not a bad “different” – it’s a freaking awesome different at the end of the day. 

If you’re starting to see where and how you’ll start changing the world, just dive in. Don’t hesitate – the fear of the unknown is unnecessary. Surrender, release, and receive. It’ll be greater than you can imagine right now. 

And if you haven’t thought about it before, find a method that helps you figure it out. 

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