Push Yourself

Letting go, surrendering and having faith are all things Nature can teach us. The path ahead may seem sketchy, but if you remind your ego that you won’t go over the edge and fall you’ll end up conquering those doubts and showing yourself just how strong you can be. I watched so many people express fear in getting close to the edge or going out on the bridge today. Did they not see that this physical expression reflects something sincere inside? Some of us walk out like it’s no thing (I could spend the entire day out there!), some of us push ourselves to go out of our comfort zones, and some of us stay where we think we are safe. Which one are you, and how has it had an impact on your life? #devilsbridge #sedona #arizona #courage #bestrong #badass #adventure #explore #hike #pushyourself #seehowfaryoucango #comfortfreezone #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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