Angel Affirmation: 4/17/17

I received some divine guidance today saying that people could really benefit from realizing how powerful their voice and intentions are. We create our lives through our thoughts, feelings, etc. that determine our vibration. Depending on the power of that vibe, we can have a huge and positive impact on our lives 🌟
From now on, I’ll be sharing some positive affirmations for you to meditate on, apply to your day, or even just say aloud a couple of times and forget about. These affirmations will help empower and motivate you to be all you can be, which is always better than you can imagine 💙 Try it out and see how it can help you change your life. 
… April 17, 2017 …

Don’t worry about making big decisions in your life right now. Deep down, you know how powerful your choice will be. 

Release the false feelings of worrying about everything it may entail. Sit down and ask your angels to help you see everything clearly. Get into a good space where you’re not attached to any outcomes or expectations, and let yourself feel your way through the situation until you find your choice inside of you. Let go of doubts or fears, remind yourself of what you’re really made of, and follow through with the choice that makes you feel lighter, happier, relieved, and better. 

Your choices create your life – feel empowered by this realization and make yourself a life to be excited about 🌈🌙

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