In a world full of billions of people, how many times have you felt alone or lonely?  How many times have you desperately needed help from a single person (a smile on a really bad day, help pushing your car off the road because you ran out of gas, etc.) but never received it despite the fact that you encountered at least 50 in one day?  On this Earth with so many people, how can this be?  Doesn’t it seem a bit silly? 
What has kept us divided and separated that we don’t even consider ourselves a part of the same group? We’re all so much more alike than different. Those wishes you have for the world – others have them too. Those fears you have about the future – others have them too.  You’ve been where someone else is right now – you know how they feel because you remember. Are you going to be for them what you needed, wished for, prayed for? 

Just for one day – and make it today – go out of your way a bit to make someone’s day. Be the one single person you’ve needed in the past. Without knowing it, you’ll create this ripple effect. What you put into the Universe returns to you: karma. 

#karma #begood #weareone #makesomeonesday #bekind #justfortoday #dogood #charity #brothersandsisters #bethechange #noenemies #makeadifference #angels #helloworld #growtothetop #thedirtylotus 

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