Make today about expressing yourself with integrity. When you speak from the heart, others can resonate with you and you’re able to connect on a deeper level. It’s all about being genuine and authentic when you communicate. How real can you be, without giving in to what people expect or want from you? Be true to yourself and don’t feel afraid to express this to the world. In fact, this is the perfect time to express it all to the world 💙

Also, keep your words positive and stay focused on the good in life for the end result is a happier and healthier life. Your words are much more powerful than you may realize and they’ll only benefit you if they’re positive 🌀

#expressyourself #throatchakra #blue #communication #beconfident #authentic #wisewords #staypositive #seegoodness #genuine #betruetoyourself #angelaffirmation #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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