See It – Believe It – Be It

People sometimes look at me funny when I say “The world is becoming so amazing!” (not to say it hasn’t been before). They wonder why I see that perspective and besides the fact that I channel updates on the Ascension, it’s really quite simple. 

Look at commercials on television, the types of movies people are producing, the headlines that sweep the world exposing years of suffering and corruption, what mainstream society deems “cool.” Commercials show everything from aliens to meditation. Movies like “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” allow people to see corruption and healing go hand in hand. More people are questioning what the government and news say is real. Authenticity is now desired with handmade making a come back and the “weirder” you are the more interesting you are. 

It’s so easy to see the negative and everything else that holds you back from growing. It’s all an illusion: there is nothing to worry about, ever – especially not now! Question what the external world is showing and telling you. Go within yourself and trust what’s inside there. You’ll see that the world is changing into something so great that it’s never been before. You deserve this – free yourself 🌀🌈🌙

#theworldischanging #icanfeelit #surrender #letgo #release #befree #flyhigh #ascension #divinetiming #authenticity #beYOUtiful #bethechange #dontworry #behappy #alwayslove #goodvibes #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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