All is well! I get it: you still can’t exactly see the next move to make, yet it seems like everyone is telling you “You’re so close!” And that might make you wonder why you haven’t made your choices yet and if you’re going to miss the train. Things should clear up more around May 15th, but for now know that your head is above the water.

You’ve made it: you’ve broken through the mud and your growth has lifted you to new heights.

You’re where you need to be. You’re in a place you haven’t been before with everything this transformation has brought for your life, so be patient with yourself. Get grounded and find peace – you’ll know where to swim soon enough. If praying is asking and meditating is listening, being peace is picking up the phone to do either. It all comes to life with peace 🌀

#bepeace #keepcalm #stillness #meditate #pray #ascension #whatgoesdownmustcomeup #itsallgood #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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