Angel Affirmation 5.9.17

At this time in the Ascension, the hardest work has been done. We’ve arrived at this check point where we have to apply our lesson of not only listening to our gut, but act through it. We can sense what feels right or wrong and now is the time where we have to stay true to what we feel and put it all into action.

We’re reminded to remain kind and have mercy with everyone, including ourselves. We have a few more days before we begin to intuitively see what our path may be, so use this time to practice compassion and keep your vibration high. Having compassion allows us to see a different or higher perspective in every moment is awareness, which brings clarity.

We all have some choices to make – and those choices have to be for our highest good. No more shrinking yourself! Commit to yourself, to your work, to your mission, to your passions. Let them guide you. The Universe responds accordingly when you aim for your goals without a doubt or fear of failure. Let everything you do have an essence of your purpose and don’t stray from your dreams.

Lastly, use this full moon to release everything leftover from your recent cleansings by asking for the angels to help you find tolerance and forgiveness. These are some of the last steps towards your beautiful transformation. Things are changing – can you feel it?

#transformation #rebirth #phoenixrising #commitment #gowithyourgut #havemercy #bekind #intuition #ascension #choices #newchapter #angelaffirmation #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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