Get Grounded

With big things in the work right now, I had to bring out my Sedona Stone charged by the Bell Rock vortex for my daily check-in. When things don’t seem clear for your path (or you have multiple paths in front of you), hang out with Mother Nature for a little bit and remember that you’ll get to wherever you need to be. Do your work and don’t wander from your goal – everything you do is transporting you to exactly where you want to be (or better)! Sometimes there are different ways to get there, and each way contains the lessons you’ll need to learn. Choose whatever makes you feel lighter, relieved, happier. That path is always the most beautiful 🌈🌙 #dowork #soulgrowth #bellrockvortex #appalachia #beyourspiritualself #getgrounded #motherearth #growtothetop #thedirtylotus 

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