Think back to the last fiesta you went to. Did it seem like time froze (or didn’t exist) because everything you had to do or figure out seemed minuscule compared to the joy and ease you felt at the celebration? No low vibes, just good times with good people.

That’s how every day of life should feel. If we could see just how short our lifespan is on Earth, we’d probably be a bit more willing to let loose and celebrate more.

If we had every accomplishment and every cherished memory on deck to be replayed at any time, we’d probably see how life truly is a celebration.

They say when you die, your life flashes before your eyes. Don’t let yourself celebrate at the end of something so beautiful when you could be celebrating every day.

When you feel that GOOD about your life, your vibes increase exponentially and you begin attracting things you never thought were possible, which increases your faith, which increases your vibes even more! Take it easy and celebrate all of you and all you have done, felt, thought, etc. This is the point of life!
This is your time to exist temporarily on a beautiful earth and feel so much – don’t sell yourself short ☄️🌈🌙

#celebrate #goodtimes #lifeisgood #stepback #letloose #whysoserious #goodvibes #motherearth #timedoesntmatter #lifeisshort #livenow #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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