Life is all about cycles, the swirl of life. Now is a time of rebirth for everyone, which means life is changing up for us.

There’s a checklist that we should remind ourselves of through this transition:
• don’t be afraid to let go of the familiar. the new can’t come in if we don’t have room for it

• transformation makes us vulnerable. take time to keep yourself in a positive space

• opportunity is on the horizon (much closer than that now). what seemed like closed doors before are now open and you’re allowed to flow with what you’re guided to do

• to accept new opportunity, we must surrender. resistance ceases when we release control of our life and allow the universe to send us what it best for us

• lastly, have faith that the universe will only send you what is best for you!
Surrender to your guidance, what you feel in your heart and know in your mind. Follow your inner knowing and you will always be supported. Flow with life: see where you end up. You will not fail. Allow the Universe to help change your life. Let it come to you as you proactively support the attraction and grow on the way there 🌀🌲

#surrender #letgo #soulgrowth #levelup #keepthefaith #butterfly #guidance #intuition #ascension #rebirth #transformation #dreamscometrue #newopportunity #angelaffirmation #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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