Monthly Crystals

What crystals do you keep on you? Each month, I take my little bag that I keep on me at all times and fill it up with freshly charged crystals from the full moon. It’s such an easy way to keep up good vibes and help sail through lessons/checkpoints. 

I’ve realized that it’s really all about what you feel guided to have on you. More often than not when I go to switch out the crystals, I take out ones that directly relate to everything I went through within the last month. What’s easier than going with the flow? You’ll always be guided to the right things, people, and places 💜

Fun Tip: Did you know keeping a carnelian stone with your crystals keeps them cleansed? Although any cleansing method is a bonus! 

#crystals #mybuddies #amethyst #aquamarine #moonstone #fireopal #malachiteazurite #shivalingam #blacktourmaline #rosequartz #carnelian #greenaventurine #lapislazuli #herkimerdiamond #flouriteoctahedron #energywork #growtothetop #thedirtylotus 

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