Acknowledge who you are fully. Accept all of you so you can accept everyone else, which is one of the most magnificent things you can do in this life. It’s time to fully become aware of the good qualities in yourself and heal from any attachments (take back your power).

When your happiness or sense of security depends on something or someone, you give up part of your power. Forgive and release the last bits and pieces you’ve held onto – it was all only in your life as a lesson, nothing more.

That attachment to the old is what holds you back from seeing and acknowledging all that you are. Feel free to ask AA Michael to help detach you and shield you for strength and courage. When you forgive and release, you clear karma and can move on.

Once you see a bigger part of yourself through a new and clear perspective after you’ve fully released, you’ll attract more serenity and growth. Once you get there, you can spread these qualities to others, which ends up amplifying the positivity in the world making it a beautiful place.

This is why you must acknowledge the good in yourself and everyone else (yep, evvvveryone). It is an essential part in aspiring to Oneness and a high state of grace, which brings freedom and joy.

…And it all starts with acknowledging who you truly are 🌊🌈🌙

#recognize #checkyourself #beYOUtiful #bigpicture #Oneness #forgive #detach #zen #takebackyourpower #karma #soulgrowth #ascension #angelaffirmation #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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