Breath does so much more than just keep you alive. It’s life-force energy that can elevate you above any stressful situation or whatever else you might be going through. I was woken up by a team of guides at 4:44 this morning and the guidance was so clear that I wanted to get dressed and start my work then. 

Today’s the day we’ve been waiting for to see the next step and once we do, it’s important to remember to still take it mindfully instead of rushing into it. Breath brings us back to center and if we add yoga (divine union) in any form we feel drawn to, the work we do inside will probably be tenfold of the work we do outside. 

Take your work deeper by making every move with a mindful heart and connecting with your life-force 🌊 

#yoga #breath #kundalini #ascension #gowithin #mindfulness #wholehearted #soulgrowth #divineguidance #growtothetop #thedirtylotus 

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