We’ve been aspiring to the great and glorious, towards abundance of every kind. We’ve learned that we deserve love, prosperity, and success, as well as the patience needed to know all of it happens at the perfect time.

We’ve used that “waiting period” for introspection, to claim time and space for ourselves and come out on the other side cleansed and transformed. We’re just about wrapped up with releasing the old mental patterns and habits as we see more of our true selves through any disguise.

Now, charge yourself up. Envision yourself full of light and use that light to amplify any faith you need right now to know that you and your goals are fully supported by the Universe.

Remember that vulnerability is a strength and when you’re vulnerable, you can see a lot about your shadow side. Yeah things are getting clearer to see, but we’re still not sure what’s down the road. Exchange a little trust for some magic to happen. Leave behind any lack and let go of doubt – for good this time.

Rewards of freedom, love, and a sense of inner safety come with this checkpoint 🌻

#levelup #itsallaboutfaith #aspiration #abundance #patience #gowithin #bethelight #faith #trust #hope #beopen #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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