Every project begins with thoughts creating ideas. What you think and imagine, you create. This is why people say “If you think the world is a great place, it will be a great place. If you think it’s a scary place, it will be a scary place.”

It’s all about perspective and how strong you can stand in your own view while being sideswiped by pressure from society and the ego. When you can get grounded and find your own space to reconnect with what you feel in your soul, you give yourself an opportunity to see the beauty, and light, and wisdom. Those opportunities that you take are priceless because they directly influence your choices. And we could all use a little push in our decisions, couldn’t we?

There are more choices than ever now it seems. So many doors have opened up! Remember that you are in much more power than your ego says. That period of fear-based thinking is over – don’t worry about your decisions. Worrying means that your ego is trying to control your life, which leads to you making choices from your ego. We know we must begin to make choices from our hearts (passions) and our souls.

Imagine more beauty, light, and wisdom inside of you and you will soon see the same in the outside world. Turn on some lights and dust out any cobwebs: you’re making yourself a new life to settle into.

#newchapter #opportunity #opendoor #imagination #meditate #cocreate #beauty #light #wisdom #choices #soulgrowth #ascension #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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