Life Is Always Beautiful

Science is like the pursuit of understanding. What science can prove is only what science can understandably measure. This means that what is incomprehensible and ungraspable can exist, just cannot be easily or fully understood and requires a little faith and intuition on our part. •••••
My grandparents told me recently that they’d never bring kids into today’s world. Let’s do our part in lighting up every nook and cranny of our people’s hearts and be the example to prove that light can shine and never be put out again ✨ Let’s show everyone just how beautiful life is 🌻•••••

Life is so beautiful regardless of what act is currently playing. Look how comfortable people are being authentic, how much we’re starting to not only have others’ backs but our own backs, how genuinely open people are with their vulnerability in the world. 

I could go on forever listing all of the beautiful things in life, but for today see them yourself. Maybe jot down a couple of things you notice and reflect on the idea that maybe if we actively try to notice more, we’ll know just how beautiful it all is without a single ounce of a doubt in our hearts. 

#ascension #lifeisbeautiful #levelup #authentic #letsbereal #makeyourimpact #awareness #mindfulness #consciousness #celebrate #smelltheroses #bethechange #havefaith #lightuptheworld #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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