Celebrate Yourself

Move over foolish impulses, hello divine inspiration. When we get caught up in making decisions, we need to recenter and find our inner peace. We’re then able to make choices involving the highest good much more easily and each check point lights up to guide us there. Which is a good reason to celebrate in itself! 
But, we have more than enough reasons to celebrate life and we can now bond with others to celebrate the joy and goodness in life. It’s so exciting to be alive on Earth right now and when we share that excitement with others, we honor everything big and small – don’t lose sight of that! Organize a get together with some amazing people and try to only talk about positive things. Then notice how the energy of that shindig raises and raises and makes you feel good just being present. 
That’s the effect we can have on the world: that contagious hope and positivity. Light up your part of the grid and celebrate in all the world is becoming – you make a difference!

 #makeadifference #leaveyourmark #lifechoices #soulgrowth #positivity #celebrate #growtothetop #thedirtylotus 

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