Truly Growing

Until about two years ago, I didn’t have any true “spiritual” influence in my life and although it sometimes felt lonely, it only helped me grow inside even more. I couldn’t be more grateful for that experience in this lifetime. 

All too often we look to society to see how we should be, what we should do, what trends to follow, where to put our time and energy, etc. Right now, spirituality is on the rise – Amen 🙌 – but there are some vibes in the collective conscious that say some are misconceived thinking it is an external kind of shift. 

And that’s okay. It’s safe to say we’re all so relieved and warmhearted that it’s becoming the “it” thing! But it’s now the time to begin the true journey for everyone who has chosen to pursue it. 

That involves going inside, and it is literally the only way. Pretty exciting though right? 

My entire life I’ve had this whole inner world going on and didn’t really have opportunities other than meditation to expand on it. After my first year of college, I bailed on everything that tore me away from the truths I had inside of me. I stopped giving in to what I saw everyone else doing and decided to find out what I wanted to do. 

And boy is that isolating, even more than already having empathic and intuitive tendencies lol! 

But that led me to a series of transformations (inside, then out) that have thankfully brought enough self-awareness to get me here, surrounded by the most divine and wise connections I could ever dream of. 

If you’re trying to do your work (soul work) and your reference is anything external (not including the signs and guidance you get from that level), you’re not going to be doing much work because that’s not where your soul is. You have to allow yourself the time and space to expand inside, to make room and settle into who you are and begin exploring every depth you come across. You’ll begin to love yourself in new ways, therefore loving the world in new ways. And that LOVE is how the world changes 💗

You’re going to grow in your way, at your rate, in your own soul. The goal now is to do that, together, collectively, united, and beautifully free to do so with full compassion and integrity🌻#growtothetop

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