On Albert Einstein

One person can change the world, just look at history. The biggest fire of passion I have ever felt is connecting Einstein’s (and other great mind’s) theories and evidences to the spiritual. 

Albert Einstein proved so many things in his single lifetime (in fact, many things within a single year!) that he completely reshaped not only science, but how we can interpret a world we do not physically see everyday. I mean think about it: we didn’t know that even molecules truly existed until around 100 years ago when he pushed academia and commanded answers for the questions everyone was asking inside of themselves. He proved that time is not absolute, inspired us into fifth dimensional realities (4th dimension is time), and even proved the fifth dimension existed – ether, where so much of my life and every healer’s, intuitive’s, etc. life happens. 

We use Universal Light (Reiki) and other outlets of light to assist the world in whatever ways we can and those ways are usually beyond comprehension of the dimensions we know well. 

Einstein proved through his research of light that it

* rises above time and

* carries mass,

both of which are simple concepts to gurus, shamans, etc.

Light rises above time because it is beyond the fourth dimension, and it has mass because it carries the data/information/energetic downloads that transforms the world. 

His work evolved into proving that there was more about the Universe than anyone had previously recorded. He was divinely guided through his studies in order to move Earth forward to get ready for this very moment. 

And now that we’re here, what are you going to do? 

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