I woke up at five this morning and heard “Watch the sunrise!” ring in my head. I’m not usually the most enthusiastic morning person, but I got out of bed and watched a documentary to keep myself awake until daylight broke. When it did, I wrapped myself in a blanket, walked outside and waited. 

All these thoughts ran through my head, completely synchronized to the sunrise. “It’s blue skies before the sun even rises,” “The sun will come whether you’re patient or not,” “There is so much to enjoy while waiting,” “You don’t have to keep your eyes on the prize, just be present for its arrival.” Fog swept over the horizon and I couldn’t see when the sun actually rose, but it did regardless if I could see it or not. And then I realized that was the whole reason I was watching it all happen. 

There are no choices to make – you have already chosen and shown the Universe what you want (for the most part, so ask away for the details). Daylight is breaking and the sun is coming – there is nothing left to do but enjoy the moments before it arrives. 

Use this time to be aware of your transformation – show yourself how you are changing. Look at yourself, inside and out, and see how you’ve grown in the last year, last few months, last couple of days. 

These are days of light ahead and the absence of that light is over. See the same reflected in you 🦋🌈🌙

#nofilter #sunrise #bepresent #waiting #divineguidance #seeyourself #soulgrowth #lettherebelight #herecomesthesun #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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