Essential Oils

What oils do you use when you’re settling in to do some work? Essential oils – whether diffused, applied to the skin, consumed, etc. – can ease our path as we continue to grow on every level. They can inspire peace, passion, wisdom, confidence, and anything else you need at the moment. 

Not sure how to incorporate them more into your life? Try using diffuser necklaces, adding a few drops to your wrists as natural perfume, give your bath a boost with a few drops, or compliment your water with a drop of a refreshing (and edible) oil. There are endless possibilities with them and nothing beats something that can positively benefit you, especially when it’s natural! ✨💜

#essentialoil #frankincense #diffuser #aromatherapy #breathehealthy #radhabeauty #light #holistic #livehealthy #healing #soulwork #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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