You know that feeling when you’re about to do something adventurous and time seems to slow down, you begin to notice the expansion of each breath, and you swear your heart’s beating through every cell in your body? It’s a moment of presence at its finest isn’t it?  

You ground yourself and start doing some breath work, deep breath in, cool breath out. And then you feel ready to jump, leap, climb, ride, conquer anything. You can center yourself with your breath even in the most crucial moments and you’ve notice the power it has every time you need it.  

Your body could use that cleansing and centering power every day, and it just starts with being aware of your breath. 

It can also be an additional tool in your journey. How you breathe can reflect what’s really going on inside. (Is your breath relaxed? Are you holding your breath?)

Becoming aware of yourself in different ways guarantees peace and love 💕✨

#lifeforce #prana #breathwork #awareness #grounded #learnfromit #ongnamogurudevnamo #holistictip #growtothetop #thedirtylotus 

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