Crystal Healing Grid



Impromptu healing grid for some successful karmic releasing 🦋🌷
It’s been so crazy lately hasn’t it? The waters are calming down and we’re starting to see where to move through this step in life.
It’s not exactly what you anticipated, but yet it feels so right. In fact, it feels so right that it feels completely normal. And that’s a blessing in itself isn’t it?
We saw this big change coming and hoped it was going to be great, and it so divinely is! Nothing was as horrible as our worst case scenario and we believe in ourselves enough to know we can do this.
Sending you all good vibes for smooth sailing from here on out 🍀
#crystalgrid #karma #healing#transformation #growintoyou #lifepath#soulgrowth #work #growtothetop#thedirtylotus

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