Musical Vibes



I aspire to one day have a shop containing a little bit of everything and outside that shop, we will have a nice comfy seat or two next to a sign asking “musicians, please play here” in front of a window decorated with a hand-painted design framing the artist at work. How sweet would it be to create space for a small stage to showcase an energy that changes the world?
Dig deep for a minute: How does music change you? Do you have a special track you listen to when you need a quick pick-me-up, or one you recently heard and can’t stop listening to because it’s so awesome?
Music changes your vibes, and that has a ripple effect into the collective consciousness.
Stopping and participating in a beautiful moment with a soul playing its heart out in a common area of every day life changes the mood for rest of that day and sometimes beyond.
Take Las Vegas for example: you’re walking down the strip and you pass multiple people posted up on the street. You stop noticing after a while, but then you stumble upon a guy jamming “Stairway to Heaven” on an old, worn, and admired acoustic with his chihuahua rocking aviators and a sombrero while sleeping in his case. For the rest of the day you can’t stop playing the same riff in your head, but you kind of don’t mind it because the guy playing it was pretty good.
Every time you listen to music, your energy changes and playing it amplifies the experience tenfold.
Create some space in your life right now to be aware of how you feel when you listen to or play music. Let’s send some good vibes out and feel good doing it ✨🎧🥁
#musicmatters #goodvibes#musicforthesoul #streetartist#changetheworld #growtothetop

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